CD: "Sonoroso"

Julian's recording, Sonoroso, showcases the enchanting sounds of South American and Spanish guitar, blended with jazz improvisation and the rhythms of choro, bossa nova, valse, flamenco, jazz, and tango. A sonorous mix of traditional and original compositions, the CD features solo guitar and combinations with Latin percussion and guest musicians.

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Available in the Seattle area at Rosewood Guitar and Seattle Pacific University.

Hear selections from "Sonoroso"

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  2. Flamenco Fusion Intro (J. Catford)
  3. Flamenco Fusion (J. Catford)
  4. 6/4 Blues (J. Catford)
  5. Lembra De Mim (I. Lins)
  6. Valse Venezolano (A. Lauro)
  7. Valse Variations (J. Catford)
  8. Chalita (V. Schertzinger)
  9. Fazendo Onda (W. Azevedo)
  10. Tango Azul (J. Catford)
  11. Demiversary (J. Catford)
  12. Prelude Improvisation (J. Catford)
  13. Manha De Carnaval (L. Bonfa)
  14. Para Mi Esposa (J. Catford)
  15. Sonoroso (K-Ximbinho)
  16. Flamenco Fusion Outro (J. Catford)
Julian Catford - Flamenco/Classical Guitars (all tracks), Bass (7, 8, 10) Percussion (13), Jazz Guitar (3)
Marty Tuttle - Drum Set, Bongos (7,8,10)
Will Dowd - Bongo/Drum set (2, 3)
Jeff Bush - Brazilian Percussion (Surdu, Tamborim, Pandeiro, Caxixi, and Cuica) (14)
John Gibson - Flute (8)
Produced by Julian Catford. Arrangements by Julian Catford.
Copyright Julian Catford
Recorded at Studio V, Seattle, Washington. Total time: 53:42